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Dahlia flower square

My flower dahlia square, is a true summer square. I have crochet one table runner in this square and I also crocheting on a blanket, but in darker shades of a big colur mix. I have use cotton yarn: järbo … Läs mer

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Joining Dahlia square.

How to join the dahlia square together, and offcourse you can use this method on other squares. English and Swedish pattern. Joining Dahlia flower square:

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Dahlia coaster.

First out in my Dahlia Collection is this sweet coaster, it will also be a pattern with a square of the same flower…you’ve already seen the square if you follows me on Instagram. But now we will start to crochet … Läs mer

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Coasters with a star.

Hello everybody! i now it was to long time i updated my blog, but now i am here again 🙂 I have come up with some new designs, if you follow me on instagram have you allredy seen the new … Läs mer

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Lotus Mandala Flower.

English and Swedish pattern… I hope you have had time to crochet magnoli mandal and my little cherry blossom mandala, for now it’s time to crochet Lotus Flower Mandala! Do not forget to tag your mandalas #magnolimandala #littlecherryblossommandala and now … Läs mer

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My little Cherry Blossom Mandala.

English and Swedish pattern… I hope you all liked magnolia mandala as much as I did. I have seen many different color combinations and all are really wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful magnolia mandalas, you can … Läs mer

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Magnolia Mandala.

Pattern in English and Swedish.Magnolia mandala is the first flower in my mandala garden. I hope you will enjoy this mandala flower. Inspiration for color combinations can you find here: https://www.instagram.com/crochet_millan/ It’s not allowed to publish my pattern on any … Läs mer

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Me and my beanie 

My first beanie for this year is now Ready for Winter! And of course I want to share with you how I have done my beanie. Basic Beanie Pattern.

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Julia square 

My new design square is this beauty, named after my daughter Julia. I hope you will enjoy this square, and if you publish the square or some off my other patterns on instagram please use the tag crochet_millan so i … Läs mer

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Bullfinch – Domherre

Bullfinch a Classic Christmas bird made of yarn, a must now for the Christmas decorations! Domherren en klassisk jul fågel gjord utav garntrådar, ett måste nu till julens pynt 🙂

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