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Heart coasters in US terms

After requests for pattern in US terms…
I hope that the pattern now becoming more available. You can also find this pattern in diagram, Swedish and norwegian.

Heart coasters in US terms.

1. 8dc in a magic ring, See picture 1.
2. *2dc together in sc, ch3* repeat *__* ser picture 2.
3. *[3tr together ch2 3tr together] in same 3ch, ch3* repeat *__* see picture 3.
4. *5dc in same 2ch, ch2, 1sc in next 3ch, ch2* repeat *__* see picture 4.
5. *2dc in the first dc, 3dc, 2dc in same dc, ch2* repeat *__* see picture 5.
6. *2dc in the first dc, 2dc, 2dc in the same dc, 2dc, 2dc in the same dc, ch2* repeat *__* see picture 6.
7. *7dc in 3:e dc, 1sc in the middle of the 2dc in the same dc from the previous row,skip 1dc, 7dc in next dc, 1sc in the 2ch* repeat *__* see picture 7.

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