Beanie - Mössa

Ribbed Crochet Beanie

Now it’s getting cold here in Sweden, and it’s time to get dressed hotter. I have crochet a hat that looks almost knitted, I like the structure very much.  The hat is easy to crochet, the hat is active in a whole piece that is then pulled together. You can also replace the dc to sc or hdc for other structure.


This Beanie crochets only in the back loops, the first dc is always ch3. If you whould like or need your beanie longer you start with a longer chain. The last dc in all rows crochets in third chain (the first dc in the previous row)

Yarn: Moshi

Hook: 3,5

size: children (adult)

  1. Start to chain 60 (65) 1 dc in every chain with start in the fourth chain from the hook.
  2. * Turn around your work, 1dc in the back loop in every dc* repeat *__* until you have the size you need, end with the yarn threads on the same side before the joining row, join the beanie with the same method as my wrist warmers.
  3. Cut the yarn and save 30cm threads, this threads do you need to fasten your beanie. Sew together the beanie by go forward and back between the dc in the top, pull your beanie together and attach the thread don’t cut off the thread you need this to attach your tassel with. Turn your beanie in side out and attach your tassel.

See picture description below…

The beanie before the joining row.
The beanie joined to a tube.
Sew forward and back between the dc on one side.
Pull your beanie together and attach the thread, don’t cut the yarn.
Turn your beanie inside out, attach a tassel.

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  1. Finns denna blog på Svenska? Jag är inte Svensk, men kan bättre forstå virkeopskrifter i Skandinaviske språk. Tack.



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