Blomkorg med mormors rutor

Nu har äntligen påskliljorna kommit till butikerna, då känns det verkligen att vi närmar oss våren.
Till mina påskliljor har jag virkat mig en blomkorg utav mormors rutor med en udd kant, nu undrar ni säkert hur jag har gjort min blomkorg…och det ska jag naturligtvis berätta för er 🙂


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Sunrise Mandala


Swedish and English pattern.

Nu är det daxs att virka in våren med en stor härlig mandala ca:50 cm stor blir mandalan! Det jag tycker är roligast med att virka mandalas är att ”leka” med färgerna, att virka med färger man i vanliga fall kanske inte använder, alltid blir det nya favorit kombinationer.

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Hearts decoration

English and swedish pattern.

A heart to decorate with, maybe a heart to decorate the Christmas present with? or why not send a heart to your loved ones, it is the small things that are appreciated and who would not appreciate a heart crocheted with love…I know I would.



Hearts decoration.

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Light ball

English and swedish pattern.

Now, when it gets dark early in the afternoon, already at 16:30 it’s very dark in here in my small town, then it is cozy to light up a little snuggle lighting in our home.

To my light ball, I have used cotton yarn Järbo 8/4 with hook size 2.0, normally I tend to use crochet hook 2.5 to this yarn, but now that the yarn is stretched so much when you blow up the balloon, I prefer a smaller crochet hook, so I recommend that you go down a half size crochet hook to what you normally use.


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Millans Star Doily

English and Swedish pattern.

Twinkle twinkle little star…this is my star design, you can crochet the star to a small star a big star, doily..coaster..blanket…maybe a rug?

To my stars i have use cotton yarn and hook 2,5. Some day i would like to make a rug in this pattern, i think it should be a perfect rug to my children’s room.

So lets start a new project already today! And don’t forget to make a star in christmas colors..


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Dahlia flower square

My flower dahlia square, is a true summer square. I have crochet one table runner in this square and I also crocheting on a blanket, but in darker shades of a big colur mix. I have use cotton yarn: järbo 8/4 and hook 2,5 to my table runner, and to my blanket I am using cotton yarn: catona and hook 3,5.

English and Swedish pattern.

I hope you will enjoy this flower square, and a big thanks!  for all credit you give me for the patterns, it means a lot!

It is not allowed to publish my patterns, without permission from me.

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Joining Dahlia square.

How to join the dahlia square together, and offcourse you can use this method on other squares.

English and Swedish pattern.

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Dahlia coaster.

First out in my Dahlia Collection is this sweet coaster, it will also be a pattern with a square of the same flower…you’ve already seen the square if you follows me on Instagram.

But now we will start to crochet the coaster, i use cotton yarn 8/4 and hook 2,5.

Hope you enjoy this pattern.

English and Swedish pattern…
It’s not allowed to publish my patterns without my agreement.
Thank you for the credit you all give me for my patterns, It’s means a lot.

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Coasters with a star.

Hello everybody! i now it was to long time i updated my blog, but now i am here again 🙂 I have come up with some new designs, if you follow me on instagram have you allredy seen the new designs. And it is now time to start sharing my patterns with you.

First out is this coasters…simply but so cute, and its perfect to your sqrap yarn. I use cotton yarn 8/4 and hook 2,5 so grab your hook and yarn and lets crochet some new coasters 🙂

English and Swedish pattern…
It’s not allowed to publish my patterns without my agreement.

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Lotus Mandala Flower.

English and Swedish pattern…
I hope you have had time to crochet magnoli mandal and my little cherry blossom mandala, for now it’s time to crochet Lotus Flower Mandala! Do not forget to tag your mandalas #magnolimandala #littlecherryblossommandala and now #lotusmandalaflower
It is not allowed to publish my designs pattern, without agreement.
Thank you for all the credit you give me when you publish your mandala.

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