Angel - Ängel

Guardian Angel

This guardian angel is Designed for

They have a mystery crochet and every thursday in 7 weeks it’s a new pattern. This is part 4 and it’s my design 🙂 i’m very happy to be a part off the mystery crochet!


I use cotton yarn järbo 8/4 and hook 2,5.

*start with a magic ring.

R1- 12 dc in the ring, finish with 1sl st in 3rd ch.

R2- 2 dc in each dc 5 Times (=10dc) turn over. Take the yarn off and replace with glistening silver ,if you Wish have sparkling wings.

R3- 2 dc in each dc 10 times (=20dc) the last 2dc crochetes in the 3rd ch  in row 2. Turn over.

R4- ( 1dc, ch1) in each dc (=20dc) now is the wings finish, change yarn.

R5- start in 7th 1ch ( previous row right side facing you) *(2dc,ch1,2dc) in the same 1ch skip 1ch * repeat *_* until you have 4 groups. Turn over

R6- ch3, * (2dc,ch1,2dc) in every 1ch* repeat *_* finish this row with 1dc in last dc from previous row. Turn over.

R7- as row 6

R8- *3ch,1sc in 1ch,* repeat *_* 7 times , ch 3, 1sc in the 3rd ch in row7 (= 8 loops) turn over.

R9- 1sl st in 1ch,*4dc in the1ch,1sc in Sc from previous row* repeat *_* Across row. Take the yarn  off and attach any wires.

Now time to strengthened and blocked the angel

Start by putting plastic on your block mat , so that the angel does not stick . I ‘m using a regular plastic bag 🙂
Mix equal parts water and wood glue , about 1 tablespoon of each is time for an angel.
Dip the angel in the glue mixture so that it is properly soaked . Squeeze out the excess glue .
Thread a suspension wire in the middle of the head and tie a loop.
Clamp the angel of blocking the carpet. Let dry for about 1 day .





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