My little Cherry Blossom Mandala.


English and Swedish pattern…
I hope you all liked magnolia mandala as much as I did. I have seen many different color combinations and all are really wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful magnolia mandalas, you can find some magnolia mandalas under the tag #magnoliamandala on instagram.
But now It’s time to crochet my little Cherry Blossom Mandal. Tag your cherry blossom mandalas with #littlecherryblossommandala and #crochet_millan I hope to see many Beautiful mandalas!

Happy crochet!

Little Cherry Blossom Mandala.


sc=singel crochet

dc=Dubbel crochet.

1:a dc= ch3.

End the rows with 1 slip stitch.

1. ch7 to a ring. See picture 1.
2. 14sc in the ring. See picture 2.
3. *1dc in sc, ch1* repeat *_* See picture 3.
4. *4dc together in the 1ch, ch2* repeat *_* See picture 4.
5. 4dc in every 2ch. See picture 5.
6. *2dc between the dc-groups, jump over 2dc, 2dc in the middle of the dc-groups* repeat *__* see picture 6.
7. [1dc ch1 1dc] between every dc-groups. See picture 7.
8. [1dc ch2 1dc] in every 1ch. See picture 8.
9. *9dc in 1ch, 1sc in next 1ch* repeat*_* See picture 9.
10. *1sc in sc, 1sc in the 4 next dc, [1sc ch3 1sc] in next dc, 1sc in the 4 next dc* repeat *__* see picture 1O.
Fasten every threads and blocking your mandalas.

Little Cherry Blossom Mandala.

lmb=Lutfmask båge.


fm=Fast maska.


1:a st= 3lm.
Avsluta varven med en sm.

Garn: järbo 8/4

virknål: 2,5

1. 7lm, slut till en ring med 1sm. Se bild 1.
2. 14 fm i ringen. Se bild 2.
3. *1st i fm, 1lm* upprepa *_* varvet runt. Se bild 3.
4. *4st tills. i lmb, 2lm* upprepa *_* varvet runt. Se bild 4.
5. 4st i varje lmb. Se bild 5.
6. *2st mellan st gruppen, hoppa över 2st, 2st i mitten utav st gruppen* upprepa *__* varvet runt. Se bild 6.
7. [1st 1lm 1st] mellan varje st grupp. Se bild 7.
8. [1st 2lm 1st] i varje lmb. Se bild 8.
9. *9st i lmb, 1fm i nästa lmb* upprepa *_* varvet runt. Se bild 9.
10. *1Fm i fm, 1fm i nästa 4st, [1fm 3lm 1fm] i nästa st, 1fm i nästa 4st* upprepa *_* varvet runt Se bild 10.
Fäst alla trådar och blocka din mandala.