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Little wilde flower square – english pattern



Little wild flower square.



Little Wild flower square – US terms.

ch= chain.
sl st= slip stitch.
sc= singel crochet.
hdc= half crochet.
dc= double crochet.
tr= triple crochet.
DcXtog= double X togheter.

Cotton yarn: järbo 8/4.  Hook:2,5

1. Ch5 to a ring, 8ch in the ring, join th row with 1sl st in the first sc. See pic 1.
2. Dc4tog in sc, ch3 X8 (8groups) join the row with 1 sl st in the top of the first dc-group, take the yarn of and change color. See pic 2.
3. *(3dc ch3 3dc) in the same 3ch, ch4, skip 1 3ch * repeat *__* around the row, join the row with 1sl st in the first dc, take the yarn of and change color. See pic 3.
4. *(3dc ch3 3dc) in the same 3ch (the corner), (3dc ch3 3dc) around the next 4ch and with the 3ch on row 2* repeat *__* around the row, join the row with 1sl st in the first dc, take the yarn of and sew in all threads. See pic 4.

Join the squares like this on the first row.
1. Take the yarn off the crochet hook, and put the crochet hook through the chain on the square you are going to join (the picture is showing how the first square on the second row is joining the second square on row 1 in the corner)
2. Catch up the yarn on the hook again.
3. Crochet 1sc around the chain, ch1.
4. Crochet 3dc around the chain, continue joining the square. Don’t join the chain in the corner.
Join the first square on the second row like this.
Second square on row 2…


How to join the squares together in the corner:

1.Take the yarn off the crochet hook and put the hook through 1sc (the sc you joined the square behind with) and the chain on the square up to the left…
2. Pull the yarn through the sc and the chain..
3.Yarn over….
4. And pull the yarn through the loop…
5. ch 1…
6. continue to crochet 3dc around the chain….proceed to next chain with the joining..
Join the second row like this…pay attention that you only join the chain in the bottom if it’s the last row.

I hope you will enjoy this flower square, pattern to the edge will soon be available. Happy crafting!




10 kommentarer

  1. Beautiful, cannot wait to see the pattern for the border. Thank you for sharing! Lovely work & lovely colors!!


  2. Ohh, how wonderfully pretty is that!! ♥ I love it. Many thanks for sharing & happy weekend!!
    Nata xxx


  3. Hello,

    I found your blog a few days ago and it’s allready my most favorite crochet blog.
    Your patterns are so so beautyfull, I love everything. For now I’m still working on a blanket, but as soon that it is finished, I will start on this pattern.

    You can not find alot of tablecloth patterns and this is the first one that I like.
    Thank you so much for tranlating all your patterns to english :o)
    I never did the join as you go method, but I think I can do it with your very clear instructions.



    1. Thank you Tanja, very kindly written by you, that means a lot!
      I hope I will inspire you to many crochet project 🙂
      Good luck with your blanket and welcome to my blog.
      Camilla xxx


  4. I love all your patterns and the ones on instagram do you have all the patterns for them i love them so much so bright and wonderful you are amazing and so talented



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